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Small to Medium Light Duty Bin Rental

Small to Medium Light Duty Bin Rental Overview

It started with the humble idea to change the kitchen tile but now you’re in the middle of a full-on renovation. The corner of the backyard is piling up with demolition junk including (literally) the kitchen sink.

Before the neighbors start giving you the stink-eye about your lack of curbside appeal, or little Billy puts his foot through a nail, it’s time to take care of this growing mess. A small to medium dumpster bin rental is the cost-effective, convenient alternative to overfilling your garbage bin for the next year!  


Building Size

14 Yard

16 Yard


168 inches / 14 feet

192 inches / 16 feet


83 inches / 6 feet 11" 

83 inches / 6 feet 11"


48 inches / 4 feet

48 inches / 4 feet

Max Tonnage



Loading Style 

Top / Open Container

Rental Period

Various & Flexible


Starting at $xxx

See Pricing for more info

Starting at $xxx

See Pricing for more info 

Rental Information

Bins are available for any time period. Flexible delivery. 

Project Types

For small to medium home renovations (single rooms), bathroom or kitchen remodels, window or door replacements, estate clean outs, spring clean up, the minimalist purge, or appliance and junk removal, Interior Waste Solution’s 14-yard and 16-yard bins are a perfect, convenient and cost-efficient way to make way for new improvements.

Interior Waste Solutions

Interior Waste Solutions is Kamloops top dumpster bin rental company with transparent pricing, flexible terms, and scheduling.