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Medium to Large Light Duty Bin rentals

Medium & Large Light Duty Bin Rental Overview

Before that flagship, property-defining, major project changes the personality of a home or business, it’s going to make a big mess. Major builds and renovations create major messes.

A strategically placed, medium to large dumpster bin allows for quick, efficient onsite temporary storage of waste material to keep the site clean, safe, and sufficient room for new materials.


Dumpster Bin Size

30 Yard

40 Yard


224 inches / 18 feet 8 inches

248 inches / 20 feet 8 inches


90 inches / 7 feet 6 inches

90 inches / 7 feet 6 inches


72 inches / 6 feet

84 inches / 7 feet

Max Tonnage



Loading Style 

Top / Open Container

Rental Period

Various & Flexible


Starting at $xxx

See 30 Yard Pricing for more information 

Starting at $xxx

See 40-Yard Pricing for more information 

Rental Information

Bins are available for any time period. Flexible delivery. 

Project Types

Project types that might require a larger, 30 or 40-yard dumpster bin rental might include siding replacement, finishing the basement or attic, deck removal, porch, a second story, or a multi-room renovation project.

Interior Waste Solutions

Interior Waste Solutions is Kamloops top dumpster bin rental company with transparent pricing, flexible terms, and scheduling.