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Dumpster Bin Sizes & Types

Kamloops’ largest selection of roll off dumpster bins for rent. 
Available on flexible terms with transparent pricing. 

Interior Waste Solutions (IWS) offers a variety of dumpster bin sizes for rent in Kamloops and surrounding areas. Available for  all project types and sizes (small to large, and industrial heavy duty), types of clean-up, and waste removal projects. We offer bins for small residential cleanups, large construction projects, landscaping remodels, storm clean-ups, and heavy-duty industrial projects

The dumpster bin best suited for your waste removal needs is based on the type and size of the project. Our inventory of Kamloops bin rentals is listed below outlining dimensions and tonnage. We’ve also provided recommendations based on similar projects and provided a series of additional resources to help ensure the easiest and most cost-effective solution.

Bin Rental Considerations and Precautions

Permits are not required to place bins on private property, however, some municipalities require permits for roadside placement. IWS will advise on local ordinances based on site location details. Permits may be at additional costs and will be the customer’s responsibility.

Site Preparation
IWS is very cautious in its placement, and loading and unloading procedures to ensure there is no property damage. Proper precautions should eliminate any potential damage to your lawn, driveway, or another surface. We respect your property like it’s our own.

We do recommend placing plywood sheets on the area where the bin will be unloaded. It is not necessary but it’s an easy precaution that we find to be quite effective.

Obviously, a heavy load placed on grass for an extended period of time will cause a temporary pause in lawn growth.

Bin Loading
Heavy-duty waste material (concrete, asphalt, soil) or aggregates (sand, gravel) cannot be placed in small to medium bins. That requires a heavy-duty Industrial bin.

Hazardous materials cannot be disposed in our dumpster bins. 

Waste cannot exceed the top of the dumpster bin for safety and environmental reasons. We are not able to move it until it meets this requirement.

Specific waste material (tires, freon-filled appliances) may result in additional costs (as per conditions by respective landfills).

Interior Waste Solutions

Interior Waste Solutions is Kamloops top dumpster bin rental company with transparent pricing, flexible terms, and scheduling.