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Kamloops Top Dumpster Bin Rentals

Kamloops leading dumpster bin rental company with cost-effective,
transparent pricing and flexible rental terms. 

When you’re in the middle of a construction or renovation project, you should be seeing possibilities, not waste. There are lot of details to consider and decisions to make but how do deal with the construction waste doesn’t need to be one of them. Save your energy for the tough decisions like tile selection or paint colour.   

It’s easy to focus on design, contractors, materials, timelines and budgets during a new build or renovation project. Inevitably, that project is going to create construction waste that needs to be contained. 

 If project waste hasn’t been accounted for you can end up with a growing problem in terms of safety, aesthetics, and convenience. It might not be the sexiest part of the project but it’s an aspect that requires a solution. We believe if it’s not going be glamorous, it should at least be easy!

Transparent pricing, flexible deliveries and the personalized approach from a local, small business is what you can expect from Interior Waste Solutions (IWS). Founded by Shane McEwen, IWS is focussed exclusively in helping ensure waste management is the easiest part of your construction project. 

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Our promise to you is to ensure that managing construction and industrial waste is the easiest, most straightforward
part of your project. Interior Waste Solutions promises to ensure you get the bin you need, quickly,
where and when you need it, 
while respecting and maintaining your property.

We stake the reputation and success of IWS on our core values. We promise to deliver on them because they’re important to us, too.  

Our Team

Interior Waste Solutions - Shane McEwen Owner

As a longtime Kamloops resident, Shane McEwen has been involved in the local construction and building industry for many years. Shane founded and ran a successful excavation company for several years. Shane’s own experiences from a customer perspective renting roll-off bins left him disappointed and frustrated. He felt the process was overly complicated, and the pricing was ambiguous and misleading. He saw a different approach. 

Shane founded IWS because he wanted to be part of the local business community and add value in an area that seemed lacking. Many of the core values of IWS are a direct result of his experiences as a customer, and how he felt customers should be treated. IWS is build on Shane’s belief that relationships are the most important factor for business success.

Clear communication of our pricing, types and sizes of bins and delivery options and schedules is our company standard. Shane wants to know and work directly with our clients. That’s who you will speak with when seeking advice for the right dumpster bin rental, or if you need to adjust your pick-up time. We hear directly what you need so it gets done exactly how you want.

With IWS, you’ll speak directly with the management team. We’re a small and nimble team which means you get direct access to the experts that are in the field everyday. There’s no disconnect between departments, or misunderstandings of pricing or terms.

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Being honest and open is the most important value for us. Quite simply, we are priced well, committed to ensure you get the right dumpster bin for your project within our quoted delivery times, and attempt to satisfy any other needs you may have. If we can’t, we‘ll let you know why and provide alternative solutions. 

While some other companies view this as a one-off transaction, we’d like to think of it more as a value added partnership (even if it is just a one time job). A partner adds value through transparency as opposed to trying to maximize their benefit in a single transaction.

We want to understand your project, constraints, budget and schedules so that we can offer you the best solution. We have no problem recommending a more affordable option if that’s what best suits your project. Alternatively, you might want a smaller roll-off bin with an eye toward managing your budget. While this maybe what you want, our industry experience might indicate that you might overfill your desired rental dumpster, ultimately costing you more due to required multiple pick-ups or weight overages. We believe informing you of those choices and their potential impacts is a level of transparency that everyone deserves.

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If there’s one guarantee on a construction site it’s that nothing ever goes exactly to plan. Being flexible and adaptable is a major key in maintaining budgets, schedules, and expectations. Having flexible suppliers and partners is a key component of that equation.  

Waste removal can disrupt the flow of a project. One of the biggest areas that we can aid in simplifying your project needs is to be flexible and adaptive to your needs. Working hard to accommodate your schedules is imprinted directly into the company’s values.

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We respect what’s most important to you: your safety, budget, time, and property.

Nothing is more important than the safety of you, your family, and your crew. This is paramount in everything we do. We ensure that all safety protocols are adhered to, all permitting and training is up to standard, and our equipment is well maintained. We have safety first processes in place, from bin unloading to placements, to COVID-19 protocols.

Whether you’re managing your own project on the side, or you’re a foreman, we appreciate and respect the time constraints applied to your life. With direct, transparent communication and a flexible business approach, we do everything within our ability to ensure your time is focused on where it belongs.

IWS treats your property with the utmost respect. We have an extra duty of care when loading and unloading our bins to ensure your property is maintained in the same condition as we arrived.

Interior Waste Solutions

Interior Waste Solutions is Kamloops top dumpster bin rental company with transparent pricing, flexible terms, and scheduling.